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As easy as 1-2-3

How it works

Our process is easy, fast, and efficient. 

Potential clients share their concerns, goals and photos

Prospects easily complete forms and add photos conveniently whenever or wherever they are.

Video Consult Graphic
You Record Video Consult

Your video builds immediate trust, discusses treatments options and costs. This innovate process generates high-quality in-person appointments that convert and allow you to connect with your prospect on a new level.

Potential clients receive personalized consultation video

Prospect conveniently reviews their video consultation and have the ability to immediately schedule an appointment or contact you for additional information

InstaConsult tracks every step of the process. No lead data is lost, communication with your team is seamless and the platform requires minimum activity in order to follow the client all the way to your front door. We have marketing automations in place that will enable you to maximize your conversions.

Do you want to have more free time, more revenue and happier customers?