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Acquire and retain patients while keeping your office running smoothly,
increase case acceptance and patient satisfaction high.

All the tools you need to sell, manage, report and grow the clientele you want to attract. From the small private office all the way to a multi-office corporate business, we can create a solution for your needs.

Marketing Automation
Privacy & Security

It’s like getting an extra employee without needing an extra desk

  • At numerous points in the patient/client interactions, automatic SMS/Emails notifications and reminders to follow-up and keep building on the relationship
  • Automated SMS/Email reminders for both client and customer
  • Helps avoid missed opportunities
  • Sales automation helps you sell more

If you can’t track leads, how will you get customers?

  • Should you focus on SEO? PPC? Social Media? Facebook Ads? Email? With InstaConsult’s Precision Customer Attribution™ shows you what works best—and makes it easier to find your top-performing marketing channels.
  • Make your marketing as profitable as possible

Privacy and security for ALL users

  • All interactions between client and patients are completely secure
  • Privacy and security has been one of the foundations of the platform since day 1
  • We use 256-bit AES encryption to protect your content and the patients. 
  • InstaConsult protects your data stored in our cloud from being stolen as well as being manipulated

Explore more of our unique features

Complete Customization

Give your consultation responses a more personalized feel with your own branding. Our high-quality landing pages deliver your results with a modern, professional look.

Incomplete Submission Recapture™

Keep track of potential patients who don't finish filling out forms and follow up with them when necessary. Traditional online submission don't capture data until patient completes the whole form. We capture critical data at each step.

Perfect Before & After Tool™

Easy to use drag-and-drop layout tool to build beautiful "before & after" porfolio in minutes.

Precision Lead Dashboard™

Gain deeper insight on your marketing efforts with InstaConsult

Multilanguage Platform

InstaConsult's goal is offering our all-in-one solution worldwide. InstaConsult is available in English and Spanish.

Custom Service Pages*

InstaConsult's versatile platform is ideal for many different professions including Dental, Orthodontics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and many more.

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Feature Requests

Don’t see a feature you need? No problem. We offer a Feature Requests Solution which allows InstaConsult users to request the tools they need so they can have the best virtual consult experience possible.